Tourte Waisted Cello Mute

The Stöhr Tourte Waisted Cello mute is a quality rubber mute, made in the USA. This is not to be confused with low quality copies made of soft, inferior rubber which affects the dampening effect. The Tourte Waisted Cello Mute or ‘cello-shaped’ cello mute works on the same principle as the Tourte round cello mute, except that it only goes over one string, not two.

The mute stays on the instrument when not in use and then easily slipped on to the bridge when required. When engaged, the mute sits across either the G or D string, muting the bridge. The rubber of the mute is secure to use on your cello and will not damage the instrument or the strings in any way.

It has a small pin on the top which makes it easier to move and slide.

Some players prefer the Tourte waisted or cello-shape mute to the round one giving the reason that it is more secure when not in use.

The waisted mute is also available for violin.