Stohr Strings (ØRN Int) Ltd fully supports the Modern Slavery Act 2015. 

Stohr Strings (ØRN Int) Ltd manufacturer of clothing, furniture & healthcare products used in promotional, work, corporate & healthcare environments, with most of our activity taking place in UK. We are not obliged under current UK law to complete a Modern Slavery Policy but as a fully supportive business we choose to comply with the Modern Slavery Act requirements.

The company does not tolerate any slavery or human trafficking within its business operations and takes a risk-based approach regarding its supply chains. Our procurement activities are aligned to our company values and to the laws & policies of the countries in which we operate. We operate a strict compliance to the requirements of the Act with our supply chain partners which is verified by 3rd party audits, these are shared with us to ensure control & compliance with the Act is maintained. The key performance indicators we are implementing are with our Supply Chain Tier 1 & Tier 2 partners to complete a Modern Slavery Assessment and Ethical Trading Compliance reports which will be reviewed jointly and improvements implemented on a timely basis.

We have additional policies to support our Modern Slavery Policy. These are available on request.

  • Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
  • Ethical Trading Code

All Stohr Strings (ØRN Int) Ltd employees have the necessary documentation to legally work in the UK and no-one under the
legal minimum age for admission to work is employed. All our employees receive a copy of our Modern Slavery
Policy during induction and regular training is mandatory every 6 months. The latest copy of the policy is
displayed across our business premises.


Ivor Tunley


4th August 2023

This policy shall be reviewed annually or when a significant change in staffing levels, change of process, following accident/incident investigation or a change in legislation.

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